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Jerry Fielding

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credited as Jerry Feldman prior to June, 1947"Music Popularity Chart: New Records". Billboard. June 15, 1946. Retrieved 2014-04-14.Lohman, Sidney. "Radio Row: One Thing and Another". The New York Times. April 27, 1947. Retrieved 2014-04-14 via ProQuest. "Jack Paar, comedian, will occupy Jack Benny's time spot (Sunday, 7 P.M., NBC), beginning June 1. Music will be provided by the Page Cavanaugh Trio and Jerry Fielding's Orchestra."Blank, Edward L.. [https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=AnkfAAAAIBAJ&sjid=N1MEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6532%2C5563346 "Fielding Mercurial Over Film... meer

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