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Samyaza (; ; ; , '), also Shemhazai, Azza or Ouza, is a fallen angel of apocryphal Abrahamic traditions and Manichaeism who ranked in the heavenly hierarchy as the leader of the Watchers.'
The name "Shemyaza(z)" means "the (or my) name has seen," "he sees the name," or "I have seen." It is also spelled "Sahjaza", "Semihazah", "Shemihazah", "Shemyazaz", "Shemyaza", "Sêmîazâz", "Semjâzâ", "Samjâzâ", and "Semyaza".
In the Book of Enoch, one of the apocryphal writings, Samyaza is portrayed as... meer

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