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Svein Christiansen

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(bron: wikipedia)

Svein "Chrico" Christiansen (6 August 1941 – 25 November 2015) was a Norwegian jazz musician (drums), known from a number of recordings, and central on the Oslo Jazz scene.
Christiansen started early to play drums in various bands in the Oslo area like "Hot Saints" (1958–60), "Veitvet musikkskoles storband", and in ensembles led by Oddvar Paulsen, Roy Hellvin, Helge Hurum, Fred Nøddelund and Frode Thingnæs. He played on albums by Einar Iversen, Egil Kapstad, Karin Krog, Terje Bjørklund, Svein Finnerud/Trond Botnen,... meer

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