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Emil Nikolaisen

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(bron: wikipedia)

Emil Nikolaisen (born 4 February 1977 in Moi, Norway) is a musician and producer from Norway. He is frontman, bandleader, songwriter, guitarist & singer of the well-known Norwegian alternative rock band Serena-Maneesh.|title=Biography-Serena Maneesh|last=Kaasen|first=Anders |publisher=Allmusic|accessdate=20 February 2010}}
Nikolaisen has previously appeared as drummer in Norwegian punk rock band Silver|title=Biography-Silver|last=Kaasen|first=Anders |publisher=Allmusic|accessdate=20 February 2010}} also drumming in pop group The Loch Ness Mouse,|title=Biography-The Loch Ness Mouse|last=Reges|first=Margaret |publisher=Allmusic|accessdate=20 February 2010}}, as well as a guitarist and songwriter in the indie band... meer

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