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Create Muziekweb account

You request a CD or music DVD (we will only use the term CD below for readability) from the Muziekweb collection. After requesting, the CD will be sent to your library and loaned to you under the terms and conditions of your library.

If you are requesting something via Muziekweb for the first time, you must create a Muziekweb account. An account can be created with Google, Facebook or by choosing 'create a new account' (fig. 1 and fig. 2). You will first see our privacy statement. You need a library card to be able to borrow materials. You need to link your library card to your account (fig. 3 and fig. 4).
Create new account fig. 1

Registration fig. 2

Click on 'proceed' to link your library card.
Bibliotheekpas koppelen fig. 3

Your library card number must be checked in the library system, for which you will be sent to (fig. 4).

In the login screen of you enter your e-mail address or library card number. The password or pin code that you enter here is your library password! PLEASE NOTE: this is a different password than your Muziekweb password. Check the site of your library if you forgot the password. It is often a combination of your birthday / month / year.
Login at the library website fig. 4

Back to Muziekweb fig. 5

Now you can request the CD! Click 'Borrow this album' on the album page. Check if the data in the request screen is correct and click on 'OK'. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail and the expected date of arrival at your library.
Borrow album fig. 6

If a CD has been loaned to another person, we will place a reservation for the album and we will send you a message when the CD will become available for you. If you still want to borrow the CD at that time, you must respond within 24 hours, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

If the request is unsuccessful, please send an e-mail to or call to 010 412 3474.