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Phased start-up of services

Muziekweb will restart its services in phases:

  • On June 2, we will start lending CDs and DVDs to the libraries that are open in North and South Holland.
  • On June 8 the libraries open in the rest of the Netherlands will follow.

For members of the Rotterdam Library (from 11 May):

  • Members of the Rotterdam Library can only borrow and return CDs and DVDs at the Central Library (Hoogstraat location).
  • It is not possible to borrow or return CDs or DVDs at the other locations of the Rotterdam Library.
  • Payments can only be made with a debit card or mobile phone (no cash).
  • Returned CDs or DVDs will be taken by Muziekweb after 36 hours due to a quarantine period. Of course, no deductible will be charged for this period if objects are returned on time. However, the objects remain in your name and thus affect your limit.
  • The opening hours of the Central Library have changed, for more information visit the website of the Rotterdam Library.
  • The Muziekwebplein in the Central Library is closed.

New music / acquisitions

We add new music to our collection every week. The supply of new CDs is decreasing. Our main supplier has fewer releases worldwide, partly due to lock downs in certain areas. As a result, we receive fewer CDs. In addition, many announced albums have been postponed to a later date.

Due to the limited presence of personnel, the processing of newly added music will take longer. As a result, the album covers are not always visible on Muziekweb. It also takes longer before you can listen to music fragments from new CDs.

As long as we can add new music, we will send an email twice a week with new acquisitions, as you are used to from us.

For other questions, please contact