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    Modern horn trios , Premysl Vojta



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Modern horn trios

    Catalog no.:CJX11764
    Product:1 compact disc
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    Released:March 2023
    Recording:2020, 2021
    Rec. technique:DDD
    Total playing time:1:07:42
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    (This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
    The horn trio (piano, horn, violin) is a rare genre in music history. Its most important contribution is Brahms' Horn Trio op.40. It is obviously missing here because the program focuses on later times. We do hear here Ligeti's Trio, which had the Brahms Trio as its model. Hence Ligeti's subtitle: Hommage à Brahms. That then is the final piece of this CD, featuring trios from very different musicalmore


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