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    In winter's house : Christmas with Tenebrae Tenebrae



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In winter's house : Christmas with Tenebrae

    Catalog no.:DBX13815
    Product:1 compact disc
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    Released:November 2022
    Rec. technique:DDD
    Total playing time:1:18:28
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    (This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
    The vocal ensemble Tenebrae was founded in 2001 by Nigel Short, a former singer of the famous The King's Singers. In Winter's House is Tenebrae's fourth Christmas album. It takes its title from the 2019 motet of the same name that Joanna Marsh composed for Tenebrae's tenors and basses. Britain's Joanna Marsh nicely demonstrates that a musical career soon goes global. In the Middle East, for example,more


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