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Catalog no.:JKD6919
Product:1 DVD video
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Recording:Concert, opgenomen in 1976 in de Mammoth Kingdome in Seatle
Sound format:Dolby 2.0 Stereo ; Dolby 5.0/5.1 ; DTS
DVD Region:
  • Region 0 (eg Netherlands).
TV standard:
  • NTSC
  • Color
Listing status:
Released:July 2013
Total playing time:2:19:53
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(This text has been automatically translated by Google translate)
It was big news when Paul McCartney announced a world tour in 1975. He had many albums and hits to his name solo and with his band Wings (of which his other half, the late Linda was also a part), but his status of ex-Beatle of course remained valid. He responded to this with four Beatles songs, as can be heard on the audio report Wings Over America, the double CD that was released in 1976 on threemore

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