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Bangerz tour

Catalog no.:JKD7255
Product:1 DVD video
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Recording:Concert opgenomen tijdens de Bangerz Tour in 2014
Sound format:PCM Stereo ; Dolby 5.0/5.1
DVD Region:
  • Region 0 (eg Netherlands).
TV standard:
  • NTSC
  • Color
Listing status:
Released:March 2015
Total playing time:1:25:11
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(This text has been automatically translated by Google translate)
Lots of nude and psychedelic colors; you expect it with a rendition of Hair, but not with a pop singer like Miley Cyrus. Its history is strange anyway. She went from a neat Disney star to a daring singer in no time. That went so fast that your reviewer couldn't keep up and called her CD Can't Be Tamed (2010) incredible. After that, golden times dawned for Cyrus. With the power ballad Wrecking Ball,more

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