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El Lebrijano

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Artist information

Born in:Lebrija, Sevilla,
Year of Birth:1941
Year of death:2016


(source: wikipedia)

Juan Peña Fernández (8 August 1941 – 13 July 2016), also known as Juan Peña "El Lebrijano" or simply El Lebrijano, was a Spanish Gitano (Roma) flamenco musician. As a flamenco-fusion musician he studied the musical relation and fusion of two cultures that coexisted in spain during Al-Andalus.
Born in Lebrija, province of Seville, in the context of a family where several members sing flamenco: Fernanda y Bernarda de Utrera, and his mother La Perrata.
He began to play... more

Also known as

  • Juan Peña el Lebrijano
  • Juan Peña Lebrijano
  • Juan Peña Fernández

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