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Born in:Cairo, Egypte,
Year of Birth:1933
Year of death:1987


(source: wikipedia)

Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti (; 17 January 1933 – 3 May 1987), professionally known as Dalida, was an Egyptian-born French-Italian singer and actress. She sang in eleven languages and sold millions of records internationally. Her best known songs are "Bambino", "Gondolier", "Les enfants du Pirée", "Le temps des fleurs", "Darla dirladada", "J'attendrai", and "Paroles, paroles" featuring spoken word by Alain Delon.
First an actress, she made her debut in the film A Glass and a Cigarette by Niazi Mustapha in... more

Also known as

  • Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti
  • Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti

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