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Sam Bettens

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Known albums

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    • Sam Bettens
    mar 2005
    1 CD
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    • Sam Bettens
    nov 2007
    1 CD

Artist information

Born in:Kapellen,
Year of Birth:1972


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Sarah Bettens was known as the face and voice of the Flemish band K's Choice, which she founded in 1993 together with her brother Gert. Famous song of the band Not An Addict was in 1995. The band made a good impression with compelling American sounding rock that did well internationally at the time. In 2003, brother and sister decided a break in welding. Sarah's solo debut in 2005. appeared Bettensmore

Also known as

  • Sarah Bettens
  • Sarah Germaine Willy Bettens
  • Sara Beth

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