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Erich Wolfgang Korngold

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Composer information

Born in:Brno,
Year of Birth:1897
Year of death:1957


(source: wikipedia)

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (May 29, 1897November 29, 1957) was an Austrian-born American composer and conductor. A child prodigy, he became one of the most important and influential composers in Hollywood history. He was a noted pianist and composer of classical music, along with music for Hollywood films, and the first composer of international stature to write Hollywood scores., video, 9 min.
When he was 11, his ballet Der Schneemann (The Snowman), became a sensation in Vienna,... more

Also known as

  • Korngold
  • Eric Wolfgang Korngold
  • Erich W. Korngold
  • Erich Korngald
  • Erich Korngold

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