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Tomás Luis de Victoria

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Artist information

Year of Birth:1548
Year of death:1611


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Victoria became the seventh of eleven children, was born in Madrid. As a choirboy, he received his first music lessons, and after his voice breaking, he was sent to Rome. He undoubtedly met the great Palestrina, perhaps even as a teacher. Until 1587, he then had a very successful career as a musician and composer until he calms sought out and employed by a monastery went to work. The working conditionsmore

Also known as

  • Victoria
  • T.-L. da Vittoria
  • T.L. de Victoria
  • Thomas Luis de Victoria
  • Tomas Ludovico da Victoria
  • Tomas Luis da Victoria
  • Tomaso Ludovico da Vittoria
  • Tommaso Ludovico da Vittoria
  • Tomaso da Vittoria

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