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Polonaise for piano, op.40, no.1 in A major, "Military"

Polonaise voor piano, op.40, nr.1 in A gr.t., "Militair"

Polonaise für Klavier, op.40, Nr.1 in A-Dur, "Militär"

Polonaise pour piano, op.40, no.1 en la majeur, "Militaire"

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)

Composer:Frédéric Chopin

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Chopin is one of the greatest composers of the Romantic piano tradition. He was a master of the 'grand making the small form. " His ballades, mazurkas, polonaises, preludes, etudes and nocturnes are among the most popular standard works ever written for piano.

The prodigy grew up in a middle class family that dwelt in the world of the Warsaw intelligentsia. When in 1830 broke the November Uprisingmore