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The RASA collection comes from the Utrecht stage for world music RASA, which closed down in 2017. Additionally, RASA programmed music and dance from all over the world, the employees also collected a large number of CDs and LPs of world music from all continents. The collection contains an estimated 20,000 CDs and LPs and also a large number of their own recordings of live performances. A part is also from the Royal Tropical Institute.

Muziekweb took over the RASA collection in 2017 and will first make an inventory. The aim is to gradually add to its own collection that from the RASA collection which is not yet available on Muziekweb. For the CDs this has already been done, see the list below. The next step is to make an inventory of the extensive collection of LPs.

The complete list of albums from the RASA collection on Muziekweb can be viewed on this list (PDF).