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The reason this website can only be visited if you (¹) accept all cookies, is that it is impossible for us (²) to guarantee that no cookies will be placed. Our users would like to use social media. These services themselves also place cookies that we cannot control, other than completely disabling these services.

More information about cookies:

We do not use tracking cookies ourselves, but it is possible that customers may still introduce them via external additions within the site. It is possible to disable these cookies on this website. Most advertisers will then no longer place tracking cookies.

Cookies can never be used to read private data from your computer or to intercept passwords. Cookies also cannot infect a computer with a virus or trojan. Cookies are therefore completely safe and have been used without incident on almost ALL websites in the world since the 90s.

Granting permission is unfortunately done per user, per browser, per computer. It is therefore possible that you are asked for permission several times. (On each computer, for each user - and every browser on that computer - cookies are kept separately. And yes: the permission granted is stored in a separate cookie, which is only for this purpose)

(¹): you, you, you, men: The user(s) of
(²): we, us: Stichting Centrale Discotheek