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Audio fragments from Muziekweb on your own website or blog

You can listen to excerpts of almost all titles from the Muziekweb collection! With our Music web player it is now also possible to place clips on your own website.

How can you place audio clips on your own site?

Placing the player is very easy.

  1. Search the track you want to place in our collection;
  2. Click on the button with the Muziekweb logo enclosed by brackets, you will see this at the track list;
  3. Click on the logo behind the track that you want to use. You then get the choice between 2 players;
  4. Select one of the players;
  5. Copy the HTML code that is in the highlighted box and paste it into your own webpage or blog.

Muziekwebplayer is free of charge

The Music Web Player may be used free of charge. There are no limits to the usage or number of clips you want to use. The only limits are the minimum dimensions of the player. Bigger is always allowed, smaller than the size as the player is shown on Muziekweb causes an error message.


By using the player on your blog or website you agree to the following terms and conditions of Muziekweb:

  • The player is visible on the website with the minimum dimensions of the chosen player.
  • The player is clickable for the user to start playing music and to be directed to the title page in Muziekweb.
  • You can use the player freely. Copying and / or republishing images and texts from Muziekweb is not permitted and is copyrighted by the Stichting Centrale Discotheek.
  • Muziekweb measures the use of the fragments anonymously. Cookies are placed by Muziekweb for recognizing the session for the protection of the music data. These cookies are not used for online personalization or advertising purposes.

For questions you can contact Muziekweb during office hours: 010-4126072,