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Sneaker Pimps

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Sneaker Pimps are an English electronic music band, formed in Hartlepool in 1994. ARTISTS|website=www.indian.co.uk|access-date=2020-01-08|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20190818101955/http://www.indian.co.uk/site/artists/sneaker-pimps|archive-date=18 August 2019|url-status=dead}} They are best known for their debut album, Becoming X (1996), and its singles "6 Underground" and "Spin Spin Sugar". The band takes its name from an article the Beastie Boys published in their Grand Royal magazine about a man they hired to track down classic sneakers.
The band was founded by electronic musician Liam Howe and guitarist Chris Corner. They later... meer

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