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Nneka Egbuna (born 24 December 1980 DW 18.12.2017|url=https://www.dw.com/en/artists-after-the-escape-how-nneka-egbuna-found-a-home-in-music/a-41780148|access-date=2021-02-05|website=DW.COM|language=en-GB}}) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress. She sings in English, Igbo and Nigerian Pidgin.
Nneka Egbuna was born and raised in Warri, in the Delta State, Nigeria, to a German mother and Nigerian father. In 1999, she relocated to Hamburg, Germany to study Anthropology at university and subsequently began performing in the underground dancehall scene in order to finance her degree.
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  • Nneka Egbuna

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