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Hildur Guðnadóttir

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Geboren in:Reykjavik,


(bron: wikipedia)

Hildur Ingveldardóttir Guðnadóttir}} (born 4 September 1982) is an Icelandic musician and composer. A classically trained cellist, she has played and recorded with the bands Pan Sonic, Throbbing Gristle, Múm, and Stórsveit Nix Noltes, and has toured with Animal Collective and Sunn O))). She has received various accolades, including an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and a Primetime Emmy Award.
Hildur has gained international recognition for her film and television scores, including for Journey's End (2017), Mary Magdalene (2018), Sicario:... meer

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  • Hildur Ingveldardóttir Gudnadóttir

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