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Photo's en Video's

On this page you can find photos and videos made by or about Muziekweb / CDR.

Muziekwebterminals bij OBA Javaplein

Muziekweb has developed its own touch terminals for listening to and ordering music in libraries. The first terminals have been placed in the Public Library on Javaplein in Amsterdam.
Muziekwebterminals at OBA Javaplein Muziekwebterminals at OBA Javaplein

Muziekweb 360 on Google Maps

Via the image below you can take a 3D tour of the Muziekwebplein!
Muziekwebplein 360 weergave
- View in Google Maps.

Beautiful, Sustainable Netherlands

On April 21, Muziekweb was featured in the broadcast of 'Mooi, Duurzaam Nederland', a program from RTL 7 about the sustainable aspects of companies. Besides the Muziekwebplein, filming was also done at the Airport Library (Schiphol).
- Muziekweb in Mooi, Duurzaam Nederland

Muziekweb 50 years!

In 2011 the CDR / Muziekweb existed for 50 years! A number of films were made that year: about 50 years of CDR, a photo overview of the various relocations and a film in which the founder of the CDR, Rob Maas, talks about the past 50 years.

- Rob Maas tells... 50 years CDR
Rob Maas tells

- Leendirect Promotion movie (Dutch)

- Move to a new location 1966