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Request web service account

Request web service account   |   Web service API documentation

A web service account gives you limited access to the api of muziekweb. For information what you can do with it, see the Web service API page.

This page will only create a test account with limited access. The limits are 1.000 requests per day, with a total limit of 10.000 request bound to the supplied ip address. If you need requests more for development purposes, please contact info@muziekweb.nl and mention 'web service api' in the subject.
Based on the information you supply we can change the limit to the account. If you want to use the web service api for production, you will need an unlimited account. For this a license will be needed.

Muziekweb retains all rights to the information it supplies. At any time muziekweb can disable the account.

By entering your name, e-mail and ip you agree we store this data for a maximum of 12 months in our database. In this period we will use the information to authenticate you for our webservice and if needed to contact you with regard to this web service.

After filling out the requested information a mail with the account information will be send to the suplied e-mail address. We limit the account to the e-mail address and the IP number.