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    Septem verba & Membra Jesu nostri , Ensemble Correspondances


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Septem verba & Membra Jesu nostri

    Catalog no.:DBX13466
    Product:2 compact discs
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    Released:March 2021
    Total playing time:2:03:17
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    (This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
    This CD by the Ensemble Correspondance features a number of religious masterpieces from the German Baroque period of the 17th century. Among them Die Sieben Worte Jesu Christi Am Kreuz by Heinrich Schütz. In his novel Trefpunt Telgte (Meeting Point in Telgte), Günther Grass gives a beautiful characterization of the old Schütz: 'His certainly not imperious, in fact somewhat anxious appearancemore


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