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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Composer information

Born in:Salzburg,
Year of Birth:1756
Year of death:1791


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They just crawled under the table. "Peop njim tee," said the young man to his girlfriend and he burst into a loud giggle as they then pronounce the sentence from back to front. Then he stops and listens. Serious. Fast is he - "My Music. They started without me "- and he rushes to the room next door. The Italian court composer Salieri who was secretly and involuntarily witnessed the courtship, endsmore

Also known as

  • Mozart
  • Mozart Amadeus Mozart
  • W. Mozart
  • W.A. Mozart
  • W.A. Mozart
  • W.A Mozart
  • Wofgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Wolfang Amadeus Mozart
  • Wolfgamg Amadeus Mozart
  • Wolfgang A. Mozart
  • Wolfgang Amaddeus Mozar
  • Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
  • Wolfgang Amadei Mozart
  • Wolfgang Amades Mozart
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartt
  • Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart

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