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Igor Stravinski

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Composer information

Born in:Lomonosov/Oranienbaum,
Russian Federation
Year of Birth:1882
Year of death:1971


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Igor Stravinsky is the Picasso of classical music such as the Spanish cubist put the laws of perspective and anatomy upside, so stuck and cut the small Russian music are together as if it were a movie montage. As a musical magpie he stole musical styles from past and present (De Machaut, Bach, Pergolesi, Tchaikovsky, Webern, Russian Orthodox church music, ragtime, tango). With great sense ofmore

Also known as

  • Stravinski
  • Stravinsky
  • Stravinsy
  • Strawinsky
  • I. Stravinsky
  • I. Strawinsky
  • Igor Sravinsky
  • Igor Straviky
  • Igor Stravinksi
  • Igor Stravinksy
  • Igor Stravinskij
  • Igor Stravinsky
  • Igor Stravinskyy
  • Igor Stravinsy
  • Igor Stravnsky
  • Igor Strawinksy
  • Igor Strawinky
  • Igor Strawinski
  • Igor Strawinsky
  • Igor Fjodorovitsj Stravinsky

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